3D Printer Add-ons

Plastic Plastic offers a few add-ons when purchasing your 3D printer. These add-ons allow additional functions or capabilities beyond standard accessories.


Our SDRamps add-on module allows you to print directly from a micro SD card. You would still use your computer to start the print, but once started you can disconnect your computer and the 3D printer will continue to print. The micro SD card would hold your gcode files and be drip fed to 3D printer automatically.

SDRamps module add-on

Smart Controller

Our smart controller add-on allows completely computer-free 3D printing and manual control. Using the LCD screen and the dual function control knob, the user can manual bring the extruder and bed up to temp and manually control each axis. It also adds a full size SD card reader which allows you print directly from the smart controller. You still need a computer to generate your gcode, but once on the SD card, you don't need a computer to use and operate your 3D printer!

3D printer smart controller