Who we are

  • How we got started

    The idea for Plastic Scribbler was born during the 2012 Atlanta Mini Maker Faire. We envisioned delivering high quality 3D printers at very reasonable prices. We believe in family values and our founder and president's name is Tim Manasterski. Tim has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and has 15 years experience in industrial automation & robotics and loves the DIY community. Our head of manufacturing is Mike Manasterski who has been in the manufacturing business and the plastic industry for over 6 years. We both wish to give back to the maker community by offering a low cost and reliable 3D printer.

Manufacturing Info

What sets us apart

Plastic Scribbler makes it easy when it comes to setting up and using your 3D printer. We have numerous tips and techniques that will help you get started printing right away.

Plastic Scribbler Team

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the latest 3D printer technology at world class affordable costs. We strive to delivery the best 3D printer available with the highest quality prints right out of the box!

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