3D printing history

It was during the 2012 Mini-makers faire in Atlanta that the idea for Plastic Scribbler was born. While demonstrating our current 3D printer, we noticed all the interest for quality low cost 3D printers and we thought to ourselves, we can supply the maker community with a great 3D printer!

We started the year off with just two 3D printer models and have since launched a third model, the Asterid 1100. But the year isn't at a close yet. We have in the works multiple Hadron 3D printer models plus a dual extrusion option!

We're currently accepting ordering for our 3D printers via our online store. Our Asterid series of 3D printers represent serious value to the 3D printing community and we hope you have a chance to purchase one of our 1000 Series 3D printers.