Tricks of the Trade

All Users

  1. A level bed and build platform is crucial to good prints.

  2. First layer height is especially critical to success and the nozzle should just barely touch the build platform when at the z-home position.

    Correct first layer height gapIncorrect first layer height

  3. The filament spool should feed filament freely. Watch for tangles and other problems with the filament spool while printing.

Tangled filament causes all sort of 3D printing nightmares.

PLA Users

  1. Shut-off extruder temp as soon as finished printing using Pronterface by clicking the off button. Leave printer plugged in to keep extruder fan rotating.

    Turn off heating element

  2. Use blue painters tape for best adhesion on the build plate

  3. To lubricate the nozzle and prevent blockages, every filament change or start of a new roll put a few drops of canola oil into your hot-end.

ABS Users

  1. Spraying the build plate with hair spray (Aqua Net Extra Super Hold) liberally before printing helps parts stick and helps prevent part warpage.

  2. Another option to help parts stick is to use Kapton tape on your build plate.

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