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3D printers need you! The future of manufacturing and the revival of our economy depends on using the latest technologies and 3D printing is poised to the next industrial revolution.

With Plastic Scribbler offering additive manufacturing machines starting at $499 dollars, you'll be able to make products quickly and cheaply, something that will democratise innovation and unleash human creativity.

The field of Manufacturing can now enable cheap complexity using 3D printers. In the past designs were based on the manufacturing methods available to produce them, with 3D printers everything changes! Instead of worrying about creating overly costly designs, the designer can focus on the functionality of his work and let the complexity and creativity flow.

Additive manufacturing also allows very cost-effective mass customization of designs and products. This area is particularly important in the field of medicine. Doctors can use 3D printing to make sample dentures, mock-up prosthesis plates or even create the final form. All this is made possible with 3D printers and CT or MRI scan data!

Don't spend $50,000 dollars on a 3D printer, check out our product line and see for yourself how even with a machine starting at $499 dollars you can achieve professional results. We offer 3D printers that print in ABS, PLA and Nylon. Nylon is great material due to its strength and other material properties. We also over very competitive pricing on our 3D supplies, with 1kg spools of ABS filament starting at only $48 dollars!

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